12 August, 2008

Birthday Fun.

Remember this?

Well it came and it went and it rocked HARD and my good friend Jon Canlas was there to document it all.

In case you're wondering, that's me on the left.

See more of the fun here on Jon's blog or catch all the madness here.

JW for life.


Cindy said...

Jon is amazing... and so are you! (ps.. my Shootsac arrives tomorrow... I will send you my personal review!)

Anonymous said...

Very cool picture he took, as usual! Love the lighting. Wish I'd been there, too!

Widiger Family said...

Looks like it was a real blast. Happy belated birthday!!!
I felt sooo nostalgic looking at the pics, I miss Hawaii, the sun and beach soooooo bad.

Hill Reflects said...

Happy belated Birthday!! That is also my birthday. It looks like you all had loads of fun.

Annie Link said...

Who has professional photographer at their birthday party? i mean other than Oprah? Who ARE you? Magic, i think.

Whitney Elizabeth said...

your babies are adorable. so stinkin cute. i love how we can see their personalities in all the pictures taken of them! thanks for sharing them!