19 August, 2008

At Home.

When Jon and Callie first got to Laie we just hung out at the house. . . and of course Jon took pictures. I had ZERO MAKE-UP on and had not showered in AT LEAST one day, quite probably two and I was in my scrubby cleaning clothes . . . but I seriously treasure these pictures of us, just BEING US. There are a few in there as well from right after church a couple of days later where I HAD showered and was in fact wearing make-up . . . Check them all out here.

And Jon, we totally heart you more.


mandy said...

hey awesomeness:D Love the family pics!!! makes me homesick!! I love seeing that old refrigerator too!!

we love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love all of these SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!