02 June, 2008

Rockin' Things Right.

Leo Patrone, me and Jonathan Canlas
at Jon's wedding up in Park City last Sat.
If you haven't checked these two crazy photo ninjas out, go. NOW.
You'll thank me later.




Ashley said...

How fun. And might I add that Leo has some rockn' hair. Seriously it is so shiny and smooth. I'm jealous.

Jonathan Canlas said...

of course the first comment is about leo's hair.

go figure.

and this photo is UNACCEPTABLE.

thanks for coming along. it was seriously a blast.

Tammie said...

Your link to Jonathon Canlas' goes to Leo Patrone's. Just thought you might want to know!

Natalie. said...

AHH! Tammie & Carter, THANK YOU for letting me know.

Jon! I'm sorry!

taryn said...

what a fun picture. i'm going to have to admit -- i too am jealous of leo's hair.

Leo Patrone said...

We win at everything FOREVER!!!

Natalie. said...

Yes Leo. We do.

grant olsen said...

Leo wears a wig. That's the truth. It's made from Elizabeth Taylor's hair and cost $2,000. Probably a good investment, considering how much attention he's gotten.

grant olsen said...

Natalie, it was good to see you at the Lost party and the wedding. I'm wondering, can we please get the shots you took of our band? Knowing you, I'm sure they rock.

nicole said...

it was so AWESOME to see you at our wedding! everyone said our photographers were so nice and so fun, including you!

i was just wondering if there was any way that ian and i could get the photos that you took?

thanks, natalie!

Natalie. said...


All the images I took at the wedding will go up on Jon's proofing site. SO YES! They'll be available to you with all your other images!



PS- The wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You were a vision!