23 June, 2008

Me on the Web.

I have two great articles over at Digital Photography School right now. In case you'd fancy to gander on over and check 'em out, here's the info:


Anonymous said...

Fantastic articles. SO helpful. The world loves AND REWARDS usefulness...so I've been told.

shelly said...

Oh, Natalie, you got some of the funniest comments on your "avoiding camera shake" article! Hahaha! I was laughing out loud!

Natalie. said...


I'm just surprised that no one made a joke about me scribbling out my mondo hind section!! Ha ha!!


Anonymous said...

the scribble out was funny, but I only say that in response to your last comment.

what I came to say was thanks for an awesome no-shake guide! I use a small digital camera with the built in 1" lens, so some of the stabilization techniques don't apply too well, but I take pictures in NYC which is essentially constantly shaking as a whole, between crowds and subway vibrations and wind tunnels created by the buildings.

The point is, every little bit helps, so thank you!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is "Lay Down" but you put it in images that made me laugh so much! Nice post, thanks.