21 June, 2008

What's In YOUR Bag? Update.

For those of you who have been using my name in vain these past few weeks in the absence of my What's in YOUR Bag? segment, I offer my sincere apologies. I've been so swamped and for the sake of my children and, well, let's just face it, my sanity, something had to give! BUT! Never fear, there are some AWESOME things a comin' in the next few weeks and months!

In the mean time, have a great weekend. Make some time to PLAY with the people you love! I'm of the opinion that people have forgotten how to just play and have FUN, which makes being an adult really.really.stupid. Richie and I will be having a phone and internet fast until Monday, so we can play as hard as humanly possible for the next 2 days with NO distractions. Yahoo!! I'll see you then!

Happy Shooting!




Hi! My name's Senaz.. said...

Oh Nooo.. Another waiting.. Well ok, family first ;p..
Anyway, I should someday have internet fast too..
Hope to see what's in your bag on Monday..

Christine Bowser said...

Hello --- what kind of bag is that in the picture! i super puffy heart it! ;)

Natalie. said...


Ha ha! I have NO CLUE. A bride's mom at a wedding I shot the other day set it down and I snapped a picture.



Natalie. said...

Christine! I was looking through Anthropologie this weekend and I FOUND THE BAG!!! It's a million dollars.