18 June, 2008

McBride Family.

Tyler and Richie grew up together in Southern CA. . . Imagine my excitement when Katie was one of the portrait giveaway winners from the contest back in April!! They are such dear friends and it was SO much fun hanging out during this shoot. Love you guys!!

These first two candids are my favorite shots of the day!!


Jonathan Canlas said...

that first one, her expression...so great. you are well on your way sistah

taryn said...

i love the third photo. they look so in love.

katie said...

They're beautiful! We knew they would be. Thanks so much, Nat.

Anonymous said...

SO good! I love #1 and #10...that baby's face up front with mom and dad in back. RAD.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Natalie! These are so AWESOME! Beautiful fam, beautiful photos. Wow!

Hi! My name's Senaz.. said...

beautiful pictures..as per usual..

Anonymous said...

Love these pics!
Question from a virgin photographer...in the first two shots how did you get the focus from the front to the back of the photo? the one with the girl in focus in the background and the guy and baby out of focus in the foreground. Sorry if a dumb question. Thanks :o)

Natalie. said...


That's not a dumb question, it's just a little complicated if you don't understand the mechanics of a camera and how it records light.

BASICALLY: to get a shot like that you'd shoot with a lower aperture and focus on the part of the image you want to be sharp. That's the HOW, the WHY to that how is a lot more complicated.

Hopefully that's helpful!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Natalie!
Yes you're right I need to learn a lot more about light, etc. Will be taking a course soon I hope.
I have been playing around with a lower Aperture but it makes the foreground in-focus and the background out-of-focus...which I do really like but I also like to try the other way around. Will play with the focus.
Thanks for replying so quickly.

Jodie from Australia :o)

Natalie. said...


You're very welcome. If you've been having success with lower apertures and throwing the background out of focus, all you need to do to switch that around is put something closer to you than the thing you want in focus. . . then focus on your subject. . . it works identically, only in reverse. . . does that make ANY sense? Thy it with a couple of apples :) and then send me the results!!

Good luck!

Natalie from Hawaii :o)

SuperDad-Wanna-B said...

Hi! I got here through dpschool and just wanted to day that I absolutely love your shots! They are so candid,real and just awesome! Also wanted to say thanks for the amazing article for dpschool. Totally works for me and takes away the fear involved in doing baby portraits!

Jessica said...

beautiful pics!