04 June, 2008

Happy Birthday Raleigh!

Happy Birthday to you my Raleigh boy.
You have brought your daddy and I so much joy!
I love you so much and in every way.
Happy, happy day to you.




Ashley said...

Raleigh is too cool. Happy Birthday dude.

taryn said...

he is such a cool kid. i want to be like him when i grow up.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (again) Raleigh! I hope being 5 brings you everything you ever wished!

I love you!

Kevin Lavin said...

We love you SOOOO much, Raleigh! Happy 5th birthday little nephew!!!!

Love, Kev, Steph and Cole

Leo Patrone said...

Nice! I love the depth of field and the arms framing his face.

Natalie. said...

Thanks Mr. Patrone!