16 June, 2008

Dear Hawaii.

Dear Hawaii,

I miss you terribly.




ricihe said...

I LOVE this picture. Amazing how the Brazilian restaurant isn't there behind that massive tiki. I miss those beans, rice and that live music...

John and Lindsey said...

Where did that statue go anyway? The rock is still there.

bethany jackman said...

you and your blog are so hot right now! i'm totally a huge fan! (found you through threewinks and canlas!) beautiful photos!

g* said...

hi natalie,
i'm not sure how i found your blog, but i am so glad i did!!! i love photography and would love to pick your brain. it's so great seeing you and your CUTE!!! family! i'm a mama too.(2 boys)... love 'em! hopefully you remember me (gygi) if not, it's cool!

i have a question about digital photo files... what is the best way to store them??? i always want to save them on my camera cause i'm worried something might happen to my computer, but i have to delete them eventually!

thanks for having this amazing blog!

I'm Natalie. said...

Well, Bethany Jackman, thank you very much! I'm so happy to hear that my blog and I are hotties! Yahoo!!



I'm Natalie. said...


How could I ever forget you!!!??! What a beautiful little family you have!!

Digital files: buy an external hard drive. Costco has brands that are well priced. If you have a mac, you may have to format the hard drive first. Call the hard drive customer service line and they'll be awesome and talk you through it. Once you're all formatted, all you do is plug the sucker in and drag and drop files, folders, single images, whatever you want onto the hard drive. And SHAZAM. . . you're images are on your computer and on a hard drive! Chances are BOTH of those won't crash, but if you're still concerned, burn a cd of the images as well. I keep my hard drives and cd's filed by general date. . . ie: fall, 2006. . . Bottom line: you've GOT to get those images off your camera!! They're far safer on a computer/ external hard drive than they are on your memory card!

I'm so glad to be in touch again!!

Hope to talk again soon!!



g* said...

thanks so much natalie!!! i will definitely be in touch... probably with more questions!!!

Thomas said...

That statue is freaky

richie said...

I want this picture blown up on canvas.

I'm Natalie. said...




PS- You are hot.

I'm Natalie. said...

Thomas. . . freaky? Really? NO NO NO. . . classic!