07 May, 2008

Today I Love: Utah and California.

So friends, the response for sittings in Utah and California has been astonishing. Thank you for loving me and wanting me to photograph you! It makes me so happy! I honestly can't wait!! The only dates I still have available for the month I'll be in town are:

May 24th: California
May 26th: California
May 29th: Utah {Edited to include: DATE FILLED}
June 18th: Utah {Edited to include: DATE FILLED}
June 19th: Utah

Details: Sessions are at my regular rate of $300 HOWEVER during my trip this cost will also include a high res disk of images (valued at $100) with a signed release so you can print wherever your little heart desires AND a $100 print credit through my professional lab!!

"Don't you live in HAWAII??" Yes. You miss a day around here and you're a mile behind. Get the scoop here.

Hope to see you on the mothership. . . ie the Mainland. . . ie the continental US. hmmmf. silly.

Oh and more info coming soon on our lunch date: don't worry, you're invited too!! Yes YOU!


Heather said...

Hi. You don't know me but my name is Heather. I'm your biggest fan and I was wondering if, when you're in Utah can I babysit your kids because I think that they are cute and I want to let them come play with my dog Wanda. She doesn't bite, and she'll only pee on them if they're naughty. I was also wondering if you would like a massage from me. I give massages as my job and I think that being a photographer, you might need it. I'll give it to you-free of charge, just as long as I get to MEET you! You're so famous! Don't think I'm crazy, I'm just a huge fan!!! xoxo, Heather
(just kidding Nat! People who don't know me- I'm Natalie's sister-in-law=only a little crazy. I do want to babysit your boys though and give you a massage...not at the same time though.)

The Tesimales said...

Dear Natalie... ha I definitely owe you a comment seeing as I look at your blog ALL the time. Ha. I love it. Just thought I would let you know. I feel like its like reading a magazine.anyways i like it. thanks for doing it. Also I really like your creepy sister- in-law's comment about massaging you and letting her dog pee on your kids. I hope I get to meet her soon (because she's seems pretty famous too!) and I'll make her some of Bitsy's Bobos. Tell Heather I say hi when you see her!