20 May, 2008

To My Hawaii Friends.

Hello All. . . we have 5 spots available in the house we rent out here in Laie for Summer Term. . . July/August. We generally rent to males, but if you know a group of female students looking for a place we'll happily consider renting it to females. We had planned originally to put a family in there beginning in July, but as plans have changed, we will now be re-opening the house to students. Rent is $375 for a shared room $400 for a private. If you're interested, or know someone who's still looking for a house for summer term, please let us know!

We also have a studio apartment that rents for $800 a month which is also available through July and August.

Spread the word!





Heather said...

I want to rent your house. Can I?

Anonymous said...

I want to rent your house. Can I?

Deanna said...

I'm not a student and I don't know any, sadly, but do you happen to know anyone who does vacation rentals? Would you mind shooting me an email if you do? deannaniles@gmail.com My sister is getting married in August 09 and there's no way we can fit extra people in my Mililani shoebox. Thanks, you rock!!

Unknown said...

If you know of a 3 bedroom house in the area, could you let me know? My friend's graduating in June and their family of 6 needs a place to live! Thanks!