21 May, 2008


Dear Hawaii,

Leaving you, even for just a short time,
makes me all the more aware of the zillions of reasons I love you.
But for now, I must bid farewell to Musubi's in the morning and you,
dear Sam's Store.
See you soon sweet friend of ours.




Heather said...

Your life seems blissful. I want it.

thetesimales said...

I miss that place too. I also love Sam's store. Take me back.. ba to da kine.. haha oh hawaii how i miss you too

They call me Annie said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I love this picture of my boys! I want it on my wall. SOOOOOOOO beautiful!

shelly said...

I've just found my new favorite picture! Make it 2 of those pictures for the wall, please!

Mel said...

sam store! i love your pictures. yeah. this is sooo cute.

John and Lindsey said...

we'll miss you, can't wait to hear about your photo and family adventures!

Stephanie said...

Priceless photo Nat!