30 April, 2008


Look who shadowed me at Nate and Sam's reception Sat. . . Oh and just FYI. . . Nate and Sam are friends of ours, Raleigh was INVITED to the wedding.

To all my brides and grooms to be,
I will not bring my 4 year old along to shoot with me at your wedding.
Just FYI.



Amanda said...

I love your blog! I found you somewhere through the grapevine. Thanks for all of the fun posts!

Heather said...

I LOVE this photo and I LOVE his professional outfit. P.S. you are sick.....naming your SON benjamin Lynus. What's wrong with you?! That poor poor child! HAHAHAHA!

kanaboke said...

Aaaaw, that is darling, and I'd bet you'd get some great candid shots of people's reactions if you really DID tote along your 4 yr. old as an aspiring pro Wedding Photographer!! :)

Amber Shumake said...

Hi Natalie!
I LOVE, love, love your blog and photographs!! You are awsome:)

I have thought about setting up a photo blog, and I loved the picture you have for your header. Can you please, please, tell me how you designed it? I know you're SUPER busy, but I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you,

Natalie. said...


Jake Kongaika. He designed that header. He is fantastic. He will design a header for you for $50! A steal! He is great at coming up with concepts that compliment your photography, and he'll totally make a second and third pass until you're perfectly satisfied.


Best to you in the Blogosphere!


Ashley said...

How cute is that. We need to see more of his pics!

Annie Link said...

Yes!! I love it when Raleigh gets behind the camera. Rals, I'll be checking your blog to see your newest shots. You ROCK! and I love you!! -Grammie

Mom-Love the shot of your little man. You're a rock star too, you know. xoxo