11 April, 2008

Reader Beware.

Today I had an online chat with a friend that went like this (if you have a weak stomach, don't proceed):

me: honking cock roach!

THAT is the ONE THING that I will NEVER love about Hawaii.

SIDE NOTE: Roach was the size of my fist.

6:56 AM jase: i had one fly onto my head while i was on the computer last night
me: EW.
If that happened to me, you'd have to commit me to the asylum.
6:57 AM Cardon and I put a cup over ours and screamed our heads off.
It's sitting under said cup in the middle of the kitchen until Richie gets home.
jase: i squish them with my bare foot
i dont like the residue on my nice slippas

SIDE NOTE: "slippas" is a term used to refer to sandals or flip flops here in Hawaii.

6:58 AM me: I just gasped aloud.
That is disgusting.
I'd eat dog poop before I'd do that.
That's a true statement.

So boys and girls. I KNOW this conversation is absolutely disgusting. But I'm curious what do you think? What would you rather do? Just remember, that roach was the size of my clenched FIST! Respond by commenting below.


Anonymous said...

EWWWW!!!!EEWWWWWW!!!EWWWWWW!!!!!! Natalie! You KNOW I read your blog 10 times a day! You also know how I feel about cockroaches! Take it off! Take it off!

{Erica} said...

k so when I lived in hawaii i distinctly remember those nasty giant cockroaches! I remember playing a game of risk and hearing the wings flapping and feeling this thud on the side of my head...it freaking landed on my head!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! without thinking i swatted it off my head and the huge bad nasty bug flew onto our risk game and knocked all the pieces everywhere...I didn't even care that it got messed up and i was winning :)

I have too many cockroach stories from hawaii to list them all but that one alawys comes to mind...now eating dog poop or squishing a roach barefoot...ummm...that's a toss up...i'd rather step in dog poop barefoot than squish one of those bad nastys :)

ps loved how you had to "translate" for people what slippas meant...hahaha

Heather said...

EEW! When I lived in the dorms, every time I'd open up my little cupboard baby roaches would squirm everywhere. And once I was about to get in the shower and I wrapped a towel around me to walk to the shower across the hall and felt a little squirm on my back. I shook my towel and heard a "thuddd". I looked on the floor and there was a cockroach the size of my PALM (LITERATELY!)!! AAHHH!!!!

*note: it really isn't a bad price to pay for living in Hawaii though...I'd take it ANY DAY!

Rach said...

You see why I don't like to snuggle with Jase's DIRTY feet under the covers. YUCKY!!

Sometimes the kids are brave for me and they pick them up with a paper towel or tp. One time I had Rykel pick one up that I "thought" was dead. Oh she screamed so loud when it started to move when she tried to pick it up. Her bravery has decreased since then.

jase said...

I still say I'd step on ten of those a day in bare feet, even using the palm of my hand to swat them, than eating doggie doodie!!!!! ( I have an 80lb Doberman, so maby my vision of dog mess is different than those of a chiuaua!)
Just my opinion though.......I'd eat a milk bone any day though!! especially the mint ones!

Anonymous said...

Heather -- I can remember you calling and telling me of the shower/cockroach story. I think it made us both sick to our stomachs! Remember my own story of living there (actually living in a car at the time...30 yrs. ago!), and Kim & I couldn't sleep because of this loud noise. Opened the glove compartment. THOUSANDS of giant, giant cockroaches clicking and snapping and moving -- FILLING the whole thing! I used to like "La Cucaracha". I hear it now and want to vomit. Look what you started, Nat! Why, oh why?

Katie said...

That really is totally gross! We have big ones here in South Carolina, but not As Big As A Fist. Yuck!!! Double yuck! They euphemistically call them Palmetto Bugs. Which sounds so cute. But they're not.

Unknown said...


I HATE cockaroaches and I would have ran away. I wouldn't even have put a cup on it. Maybe, if I was feeling brave that day, I would get a broom and sweep it out of the house!

•♥•m•♥• said...

we have those giant ones here in az too.....i had one meander thru the kitchen the other nite......(9after jumping on the couch & scremin like a little girl) i calmly ran & got a container to put over it....& weighted it down....7 waited 3 days til my friend w/ his shopvac came over to suck it up...

yeah...big baby here w/ the bugs !

Anonymous said...

I echo the EW's!

We were on the Big Island a couple of weeks ago and we had a roach infested rental car. It was awful! I blogged about it here:

Ashley said...

Alright my tried and true method was to scream and throw shoes(preferably Dans'). I had huge ones when I lived in Maui. I will never miss them. And I would much rather smash thwm with my slippa.

Annie Link said...

Well, here's a fine welcome back. I'm certain I'll sleep well tonight . . . Thanks for the creepy crawlies!

Heather Capener said...

I HATE cockroaches!!!!!!!!! I remember standing on the counter and screaming with tex when there was a baby one in the drawer. Kristen came running up, thought someone was being killed.

Natty, were you there the one time Kristen trapped one under a cup with a book and put it on my bed!!?? I could have killed her, lucky for her I was just in and out to grab something and I said it better be gone when I get home. It was. Probably under the covers by then.

Disgusting critters.

us*limes said...

natalie, in ALL the times we have been out to see j&r, i have NEVER seen jase step on one with his bare feet. i HAVE, however heard him scream like a little girl. maybe he has matured since two christmas' ago?
but, i must say i just don't know... the crunch and the stink, or the stink and goosh? and...cockroaches often don't die on the first crunch. and i guess they goosh too. so, between poop and squishing a roach?
you are BOTH braver than i.
shanda. (jase's big sis)

Natalie. said...

Shanda, you are too funny!



Natalie. said...


I think I WAS there when Kristen did that! Ha ha ha! I remember one night when I heard something on the ceiling and I turned on the light to find a GINORMOUS ROACH right above my bed. I screamed like a mad woman and Tex came running in in her skimpies half asleep. We grabbed the roach spray and sprayed it and sprayed it and sprayed it as it continued to run around. . . eventually it fell off the ceiling and we trapped it in a cup. . . then finally SOMEHOW we got it into the toity and it was still a fightin' trying to climb out. We flushed it and then tex kept spraying the roach killer into the toliet after it and flushing and then spraying and flushing and spraying and flushing. . . wouldn't want that thing crawling out and getting our tooshies!!



Anonymous said...

STOP already! One more EWWWWWWWW!!!

JulieAnn said...

Those Hawaii cockroaches are nasty. In Brazil, the roaches flew? That's gross too. No matter how clean your house is, they could always fly in through the window and surprise you on hot summer days. Nasty.

I think I'd rather sleep in a coqui frog-filled forest for a month rather than touch one roach with my bare skin. EEEEEEeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!