11 April, 2008

Cost Aside.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Have any of you photographer people shot with the Canon Mark III?

How about the 5d?

Any of you familiar with both?

Your thoughts, difference in cost aside. :)

Thanks peeps!

Happy Shooting!




Anonymous said...

Kelsey will be right over to babysit! I am following you on Twitter but you aren't following me so couldn't reply. What time do you need her? :) I'll come too!

Deanna said...

Don't know if you read Blurbomat but they bought a Canon 5D a while back and wrote a pretty comprehensive post on the whys and how they liked it: http://blurbomat.com/archives/2007/01/23/camera-faq/

It doesn't get into the Mark III aside from it being too much camera for what they needed (not professional photographers).

Natalie. said...

Thank you Deanna! I'll check it out!!

Deanna said...

Certainly! And I'd love to check out the workshop, and order a Holga too. :) Unfortunately I think I have to replace my Digital Rebel first. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Becker posted a review of the Mark III on the , and also discusses the 5D. Hope it's helpful!

Natalie. said...

Nicole, I could kiss you! THANKS!!