13 March, 2008


Sometimes I really miss you brother.
Sometimes I'm afraid I'm starting to forget.
Sometimes you still make me laugh out loud.
Sometimes I cry myself to sleep.
Sometimes I'm so happy for you I can hardly breathe.

. . . Sometimes I wish things were different, but ultimately I know that for whatever reason they're right just the way they are.

But baby brother, I sure to miss you. Every. Single. Day.

I love you.


In memory of Gavin David Link
January 27, 1986-June 17, 2007


Widiger Family said...

I'm sorry about your brother but I also rejoice in the fact that he's in a good place now. I'm so grateful that we have the gospel in our lives.
Thanks for your comments. I didn't know exactly where to respond, so here it goes.
Yes, we're in Brussels, Belgium for now.
I love photography but I'm nervous about the business part of it. So I'm still contemplating the idea. It would be great though as there's very little competition around here.

allison said...

This is sweet :) I'm sorry for your loss. That must be hard to cope with. I love this picture btw.

Carter Foulger said...

there is nothing in this world that I have felt that could compare to the loss of a sibling, I am very lucky to have all my sisters and I would die if I were to lose any one of them. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Be glad in the fact that of anyone that we have encountered so far in our varied and unpredictable lives he is one who knows exactly what we have in store for us after our time in this world is done. I know he rests in peace knowing that he was loved, and for that we should all rejoice.

shelly said...

I miss you, Gavin. And I love you! You've been fresh on my mind this week. I talked to someone this week that knew you, and didn't know that you had moved on. When we reminisced, we laughed and smiled...
I have a really good feeling that you're making people laugh where you are! What a blessing you continue to be.

Kelli Eudis said...

Natalie I just read all of your posts on your sweet brother. I am in tears. You write so beautifully about him!

The Shumways said...

Nat, when I read this I got emotional . You describe those feeling so perfectly. I wonder if he and Chris are kickin' it together. I know Chris always loved Gavin and wanted to be good friends. Well, here is his chance!