03 March, 2008

Marvin and Nat.

How darling are they? They are just the very most totally-crazy-into each other couple of all time! I had a ball guys! Congrats on being young and in love and double congratulations on the soon to be forever you get to spend together!


i'm erin. said...

ooooohhhhh sooo beautiful! I love your colors!

shelly said...

Warm...these pictures make me happy!

Ashley said...

What a cute couple. Awesome job.

Balsers said...


we stumbled upon your blog through DPS. It's great. Then we showed it to our friends here in New Jersey and apparently you went to highschool with one of them, Lindsay (can't remember her maiden name-Adamson maybe) Livingston. Anyhoo. Great stuff. We are budding amateurs ourself-our 9 month old has inspired us to get good. Did you use a filter on these pics or was this just the natural light?

Nathan Balser

stef j. said...

Hey Nat, this is Stefani - Taylor Pierce's friend.

You know you're a bit out of the loop when you find out your friend is engaged by checking out their photographer's blog.

I love the B/W shot. It looks like he's breathing her in.

Ashley Thalman said...

yeah so...your pretty much famous natalie! i walked into my cousin's house today and saw an engagement photo on her fridge. i got in for a closer look and i told my cousin, "i know them. who are they?"
we went down the list of possibilities and they became more and more distant to me. then, like a strike of lightening, i realized: natalie norton took that photo! how fun is that!!!

Natalie. said...


That is so funny!!! I'm actually shooting Marvin and Nat's wedding tomorrow!!

Small world!