20 March, 2008

CONTEST: Attention Graphic Designers.

Wanted: Logo for Natalie Norton Photography.
Reward: $100 cashola.

Boys and girls, I am having a logo contest. Yup, you heard me right, submit a design or 2 or 10 for my new logo and the *winner will receive a check for $100!

*You will have a chance to have your logo showcased on my blog (along with a link back to your site if you've got one). My viewers will vote on their favorite logos (but I have the ultimate say) and again, the winner gets $100!

Here's how the contest will work:

  • You can submit an unlimited number of designs. Most important is the logo, but if you'd like to you can submit a matching (ish) watermark for my images . . . if I choose a logo with a matching watermark, guess what, you get an extra $25!
  • Email your entries to natalienorton {at} gmail {dot} com (sorry, I'm trying desperately to avoid spam). Be sure and write "logo contest" in the subject line.
  • If your design wins, you have to be willing to forfeit all rights to the design. It will become the property of Natalie Norton Photography, but I'll gladly put a link on my blog back to your site if you'd like.
  • Entries must be received no later than March 22nd, 2008.
  • Voting will run the following week, March 24th-28th and the winner will be announced on the Friday the 28th.
What I'm looking for:
  • Creativity. I'm open to just about anything.
  • Simplicity.
  • I want something fresh and original. I am totally into a "Real Simple" feel, but not exclusively so. Let your style and creativity flow.
  • I'll be basing the color pallet of my new site off of the color pallet of the logo. . . so nothing too freakishly powerfully colored. My website will have a white background, fyi.
  • I want my images to stand out and my logo to be a classy embellishment, a beautiful afterthought on the page.
  • It needs to say Natalie Norton Photo. It can have a picture or just be text, but it has to have that text included.
This should be fun! Comment below with questions and/or to let me know that you plan to enter.

If you're not a graphic designer (or even if you are), will you be a dear and put a link to this contest on your blog to spread the word? And put pressure on your graphic designer friends to participate? You're a gem. Thanks so much!

*Post Edited: Prize increased from $50 to $100!!!


AJ said...

Hi Nat-
Thanks for the note. Jake will work on it. Do you have any colors, ideas, font or anything that you are into? email me: amberfolkman@gmail.com

Justin M. Bowen said...

Natalie...its good to hear from you! That is so great that you have THREE kids and even better that you are adopting! We can't believe that we have 3 already! OUr little adopted boy was kindof a surprise...but we couldn't be happier or feel more blessed with the chaos that comes with three under four! Let me know if you have any questions about the adoption..I'm sure you have it covered, but just wanted to throw it out there! Yep, Justin graduated from Brooks. He does weddings and family shoots sometimes, but is employed more in the commercial/journalistic area. He loves it though!
Well, keep us up to date with your adoption and it was great to hear from you. I'm so jealous that you are still there in Hawaii...those were some of the greatest times at BYUH!
Take care, Lindsay

Anthony and Rene said...

Hey thanks for posting on my blog. Your stuff is great! I am so glad you ran into Allison. Also Jonathan he is a good family friend of ours. He was my brothers Mission comp. He has photos of my bro on his site, and my brother designed his site for him. he rocks.

Chris said...

Hello Natalie - My name is Chris Stokes You probably don't know who I am - we did meet once about 5 years ago in Laie - in the mothers room at church of all places - I was there visiting friends -- Anyway - Richie will know who my husband is -- Jeb Stokes - he is a Ramona boy as well -- I found your site off of Heather's - ANd I just absolutely love it - yours and heather's are my two favorite blogs! I love to take pictures - mostly of my own two little monsters - but I am in very beginner status -- I have so enjoyed all your tips and pointers - You are very talented and have a great eye! Thank you so much for your creativity and inspiration! - Chris Stokes

shelly said...

I know you, Chris and Jeb! How fun to see your comment! I've often wondered where and how you guys are -- I'm glad you think Nat and Heather's blogs are great...they really are, aren't they?!
Take care!
The mom and mom-in-law

Lance and Kara Ford Family said...

Hey sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon are best for us for pictures. Let me know whe you want to do it and we will make it work. Thanks. Kara

Lance and Kara Ford Family said...

my husband has class til 5 on thursdays. what about friday the... whatever date that is. would that work? We leave the islnd for good on the 20th of april so it just has to be done before than

Unknown said...

I love your blog and your photos! If only I had extra money lying around to hire you to take photos of my family. I've always wanted to be a photographer but anyway...I remember you and your family from BYUH. I'm so glad you're doing good. Just FYI, I emailed your contest post to some of my artist friends. Good luck with your logo search!

Kristen said...

Hi Nat,
Sorry this is the only way I know how to get ahold of you. Asi decided my phone was so much more fun in a cup of milk. :) Anyway,I wasn't sure if you wanted to start a brand new session in April or if you wanted to come right away and pay for March as well. I'm paying for March separate, and then the new session. Up to you.
Tomorrow (Wed) the group is meeting at 9:00am at Hukilau(my hubby told your hubby 8:30-disregard). They will be looking for shells and such. (I can't make it tomorrow, taking a piano lesson :) They said to bring snacks/lunch and meet there. It should be fun. Then on Friday they are going to PCC, not sure if there is a fee for that. Same though: bring snack/lunch/sunscreen,etc.
They also need copies of immunizations/tb test (ask doc, the kids may not need one yet) and Birth Certs.
I know it sounds like a lot of homework to me too, but it's just like signing them up for reg. school.
Well that's all the info I have for now. Sorry, you can delete this after you read it! Hope all is well and that you are feeling better (Cardon's tampon idea is genius!) :) And good luck with your logo!

The Shumways said...

Hey My dear friend Nat! I am so happy you have a blog. I miss you! I will never forget the nick-name you gave me of "beautiful fart head". Good times. I am also glad you don't have cancer. LOL =). Let's chat soon. Love Ya!

Heather said...

I just sent you some logo contest entries...thanks for the challenge-talk about fun! :)

Jared West said...

Hey Nat, it's Tauni. I always knew you could do anything, but wow....I had no idea you were such a talented photographer. I' have forwarded your contest to some friends. Your pictures are breathtaking and so much fun! I can't believe how much your little ones have grown!
Jared and I are coming to Oahu the end of August. I'd love to see you if you are there. It's been way too long!

Anonymous said...

Received the Club World CD today--THANKS SO MUCH!

Chunky Monkey said...

Hello!Just wondering how much it would cost for us to get our family pictures taken on the becah when we come to visit!We need some AMAZING PICTURES for our profile we are putting together.You can call me if you wnat....480-452-3254

Chunky Monkey said...

April 25th through the 3rd or something like that.We are dropping tatum off at school.It is gonna be fun!We gotta do some stuff together for sure.Do you have any good babysitters in Hawaii???I am sure we are going to need one with all the fun stuff that we want to do.This is a very long comment.I am going to get your number from Shelley and call you.You may be able to make it easier because you know what it is like with toddlers in Hawaii.I will call you soon.Tatum is geting int something.Gotta GO!