19 February, 2008

You Need Something Original.

Check out these awesome designs by Matt. . . as in Heather's Matt . . . as in Heather of my favorite blog The Coterie.

I can so see one of these hanging above my toity. . .

If you would like to purchase one, in any color your little heart desires, shoot an e-mail to heathermildenstein@gmail.com.

Include your choice of text:

Wash Behind Your Ears or Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Size you'd like:

8 x 10 ($7.00)
11x14 ($10.00)


I'm so going deep brown.

And don't forget your name and shipping address.

In the mean time, remember to


Heather said...

HEYYYY!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

Natalie. said...

HEYYY!!! You're so totally welcome!

Ashley said...

So cute. I want one.