18 February, 2008


Photo Credit: The Image is Found.

Well boys and girls, it's official, I got a permant writing position at DPS (Digital Photography School)! Rock on in the free world! Thank you all so much for offering your support and helping me get to this place. You are all way cooler than J Lo. TRULY, thank you.

My post for this week is on networking (We Get By With a Little Help From our Friends) and it hit today. Feel free to leave a comment so I know you stopped by!

In the post I highlighted 2 rock star photogs, Amelia Lyon and The Image is Found. Be sure to check them out as well for mad inspiration!

Happy Shooting! And Happy President's Day!

** On the DPS Post there are some formatting issues. As I get the back end figured out over the next days and weeks, this problem should be resolved. Thanks for your patience.


shelly said...

SUCH a great article! I commented similarly on the website, but it really helps me when I'm ready to take an amazing photo, but have that thought, "If only I knew how that other photographer got THAT effect! I'd have a masterpiece here!"
Thanks, Natalie. Another real keeper.

Richie said...

Great work babe! Seriously, I hope those photogs and DPS take your advise to heart. You taught them them the quickest most effective way to greatness in any industry or endeavor: mentorship! I love you buckets.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Congratulations!