27 February, 2008

Many Moons Ago.

Many moons ago I took a picture. And today I rediscovered it and it made me smile.

Background: I had just plunged into photography with both feet and had passion out my ears and an equal level of insecurity to boot. I came home from a shoot, uploaded and was so proud of this picture. It is by NO MEANS the best photo I've ever taken, not by a long shot, but even now, it fills my heart with joy. The shot was confidence inspiring for whatever reason, most likely because so many of the things I'd been studying that had been merely conceptual had suddenly clicked.

It's shots like these that will speak to you as a photographer in one way or another, and you won't know why. They'll push you forward and give you little glimpses of the stars among the clouds along this crazy road of photography.

To all: Embrace your learning curve! Ride it joyfully and take pleasure in the little successes along the way!

Happy Shooting!



shelly said...

Natalie, I can totally see how this would be a shot that could really make you feel like "Yes! I'm really doing it!" Beautiful photo -- beautiful girl. Beautiful photographer.

Kelli Eudis said...

you are such an inspiration to me. I've always loved photography, taken a class here and there. And the past little while it's all I dream about. I don't think I have ever felt this passionate about something before, well besides my family of course. It's all I think about, but I am trying to teach myself and sometimes it's a little overwhelming and you have given me a lot encouragement from your blog this past little while...so thank you!!

anna Kim said...

Being new to photography, I am trying to learn as much as I can but there's definitely speed bumps. A lot of those stem from insecurity and being very self critical.

I'm hoping one day it will 'click' for me (no pun intended).