23 February, 2008


I recently had a bride contact me requesting pictures from my wedding portfolio. With my computer that holds the vast portion of my portfolio in the shop, I had to go searching a long lost online hosting service where I used to upload pics. I came across these long forgotten pictures from the first wedding I ever shot! How fun to remember. I was nervous out of my brain. I got paid practically nothing, but I learned SO much!! I tell ya, in retrospect, had I known how much I'd learn about wedding photography at that event, I probably would have PAID THEM to LET ME shoot their wedding! Here's to learning and learning and learning some more! Like for example. . . I learned to get some pictures of the groom. Frrrrr. I was so worried about making the bride shine that I totally forgot about her sweetie. That's not totally true, I have quite a few of him as well as quite a few of the two of them together, but proportionately . . . it was WAY off! Learn from my mistake!

Happy Shooting and Happy Sabbath!




shelly said...

I still can't believe this was your first wedding! Unbelievable, Natty! They take my breath away.
P.S. - I miss Hawaii so MUCH!

Jessica said...

So pretty!

Ashley said...

That is awesome...I am sure they are pleased as punch and it sounds like they got a screamn' deal. Way to go.

Tamie said...

i just ran across your blog...you do beautiful work ( i hope that you don't get tired of hearing that...) what a wonderful way to express yourself. if ever i was so lucky. i liked your CYE & TAB...i've got two boys and taking (sometimes) good pictures of them can be difficult...as you know. i'll have to try that one next time.
thanks for the beauty!
BTW...ever in COLORADO?!? :)

i'm erin. said...

wow! I absolutely love these...what lens did you use? They are so bright and cheery. Great shots!

Anonymous said...

Those are great! I photographed a wedding for a friend once...NEVER AGAIN! I envy you your ability to do this, and to do it so well!

Gibson Gang said...


You have a gift. Never would have guessed that this was your first wedding.

I'm SURE that my dad would love to see all of you. His number is
306-4173. Definitely have your parents give him a call.

Ashley Thalman said...

any other tips for a first time wedding photographer? i am totally going through something similar. a couple hired me for next-to-nothing to do their may wedding and i am wanting to solicit as much advise as possible.

Molly Bea said...

Nat, I am so proud of you for taking on this challenge...I didn't know at the time that this was your first wedding to shoot, however you did such a fabulous job. I know they had no idea that they were your first. I remember when they got home checking out the pics and being so proud of my very talented friend! to many more photos!