29 February, 2008

Dizzy In Love.

I have never named a photograph before this one. Meet Dizzy In Love. I am so happy with this image. It just gives me that spinning sensation that you feel in your stomach when you're truly, madly, deeply in love.

More from this fun engagement shoot with Natalie and Marvin coming soon!


My Dearest Rich said...

Oh trust me honey, I'm thinking Italy, Austrailia and all the fun places, just not visioning it with the kiddies if you catch my drift. So my at least one for sure trip a month can at least be back to Disneyland with the kids, a trip to Target, H&M and Beauty supply store....you know, the essentials! ;) Checked out your hottie... I mean, checked your hubby in last night! He's gone a while! You're a trooper! Let me know if you need some NAT time, without Adrianne, and I'll come bring the kids over to play with the boys, and you can go enjoy some quiet! Amber and Tad come...within hours..with their sweet friends. Amber's birthday is Monday night, so we might try and do a fun kid friendly BBQ or something. I'll let ya know! :)

AJ said...

I love that Natalie (and you). She is amazing just like this photograph.

RUBY said...

oh...nat!!! i am so excited to see that marvin and nat made the best move to choose you as there photographer!!! you rock and i cant wait to call you for my wedding!!! (someday)!!you have a beautiful talent and i am glad to see you use it!!!!
xox ruby

Anonymous said...

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