28 November, 2007

1 Bennett, 2 Bennett, Red Bennett, Blue Bennett . . . and then another Bennett there on the end.

I had such a good afternoon shooting the Bennett family! I was a little bit worried as the clouds started to roll in, but despite the not so IDEAL lighting, we got some great pictures of this happy family.

This next picture gave me a good giggle.

Mom and Klailea then Mom and Rykelle. If I had daughters I'd treasure these next ones, they just look so right together. I love it!

Dad and his gals:

This one is fun. Mom, oh so proud of her boys. . .



And ha ha ha, Shae:

Here's the darling couple that made all those beautiful babies:

Here are my favorite shots of the day:

Well! I know that was the LONGEST post in recorded blogging history, however trust me, I took it easy. . . I could have kept going from that shoot. It was hard to choose. Can't wait to shoot the Bennetts again in the future!


Heather said...


Rach said...

I love the pictures, you are trully amazing!! thanks again so much.

SW Portraits said...

I LOVE this family!! Partly because J. is my cousin and all, but look at this GORGEOUS family! WOW... You are a GREAT photographer!