30 August, 2010

out with the old!!!!!!!!!!!

yo party people!

turn on this song and then meet me on the new blog!



PS. Melissa won the consult!
(don't worry, I made sure not do count the duplicate entries)


Email me at natalienorton [at] gmail [dot] com
and we'll schedule your consult!

Be sure to let me know who referred you so they can win too!


Peace out homies!



Katie said...

ooooo... so impressive. i LOVE the new site.

A said...

Wait............didnt you say (or two)????????? :) Just wondering :) haha. You are amazing.

Doug & Stef said...

I found your blog through a friend from high school. I just decided to check it out and imagine my surprise to find you were a member of the church - I can't say I was really surprised though. You are inspiring as is your story. We almost lost our one and only little boy to a liver disease. I don't think there is anything worse to experience.

It's amazing how connected we can feel through the Gospel.

Thank you!

mr edward photog said...

Any new updates Melissa?

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing

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canvas print said...

loved the blog. well done.

The Complete TAO Attraction System said...

ooooo... so impressive. i LOVE the new site.

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