15 August, 2010

because I'm crazy.

(alternate title, "because I'm on crack")

I did it.
I signed up for the Gunstock Ranch 1/2 marathon.
again, because I'm crazy.
(or perhaps just high as a kite)

I'm a week behind in the standard 12 week training program,
and tomorrow I start with a 3 mile run.

(I ask you, how is this a beginning training program
if it starts with a freaking 3 mile run?
. . . but I digress)

I'm 100% certain, that I cannot run 3 miles.

100% certain.

(read: there is no way in h.e.double-hockey-sticks
that I can run 3 consecutive miles tomorrow)

and the only reason I'm telling you all this is
because I know once the whole world knows,
I'll be too prideful to quit.

the end.

want to run the race October 30th?
register here.

oh and PS.
I'm open to ANY and ALL tips you have for me.



Carlotta said...

yes, it is 2 am in Utah and I am awake! I might be the one on crack! I am transferring my blog to wordpress because I am tired of having a private blog but I like the idea of being able to password protect certain posts if I want to. I laughed really loud at your post! No not because you can't run 3 miles or because I agree that you think you are crazy but because I love how you have worded this! And I too in NO WAY EVER could run 3 miles right now if I wanted to. I would need to have a paramedic following me. :) You can do it because you can do hard things. I give you an A for evening sigining up.


Anonymous said...

It's possible! Whatever you do, listening to music does NOT make it running. Run focused. Go slow if you need to, but don't ever, ever stop. If you do stop, brisk walk make a commitment to resume running before you lose that tingle in your veins (that means don't stop for more than 10s). But it's easier not to stop.

Stephanie Vogel said...

Just a tip, I tell you because it's something I didn't know when I was training! When you get up to 6 miles you will need to eat some calories or you will feel like death. Take Gu or a granola bar or whatever you can stomach thats light. And on your race day stick to what you've been doing, don't try anything new. Anyways 1/2 marathons are an amazing accomplishment, great decision! Goodluck Nat!

Rebekah said...

you can TOTALLY do it!!! with a training plan, it's so easy because you just follow the simple steps, slowly adding on miles. and i tell ya, once you get trained through 6 miles, adding on miles is SO much easier. the training to 6 is the toughest, i think. be encouraged!! :) you can do it!

Buckland Family said...

Good luck Nat! You can totally do it. I swear it is all in your mind. I ran my first 1/2 marathon in April. It was fun, I would do it again someday. Best of luck. Keep us all updated. No words of wisdom I am not a runner either. One step at a time.

Amy @ Ink'd said...

okay...i've never commented, but here i am. one thing to know about running...it is 100% mental. running isn't about skill levels as other sports are. most everyone has the physical ability to run, so it is more about doing it. your first 3 miles will be hard, but you can in fact run all 3 of them. it might not be pretty & it might not be fast, but you can check it off the list

good luck.

Anne said...

Drink chocolate milk after your long runs. It helps speed up recovery (and it's a good excuse to drink chocolate milk).

I once ran a half marathon without training. Not ideal of course, but I did it. Which means, even if you think you're not a runner, you'll be fine!!

Oh, and don't feel like you have to run all the time. Walking breaks are perfectly acceptable.

Good luck and have fun!

Amy said...

Have you tried a program like this?

You can do it! Have faith in yourself. Every day you will get better and stronger! Who knows, you may even learn to love it :)

Amy said...

Oh man. I may be right there with you. We have been looking for a half marathon to do, and have been hoping for one that will take us back to Hawaii. One problem. I am no runner either.

Caitlin said...

Congratulations! I love half marathons. It's such a great distance.

1. I have to run to music. I need music that makes me want to dance. If I can convince myself I have enough energy to dance, then I have enough energy to keep running.

2. Hydration. I have a belt with two bottles. One has water, one has cytomax. I alternate which one I drink from. The cytomax has just enough calories and sugar to keep me going, plus it helps with your recovery.

3. Food. Start eating around mile 5-6. You need to plan to eat at least 15 minutes before you crash. I tried Gu. It made me horribly sick. Jelly Belly makes Sport beans which are fan-freaking-tastic.

4. Mental attitude. For me at first, getting past mile 5 felt like a huge hurdle. Then mile 10. Really, it's all in your head. Even when you hate it and want to die, tell yourself you like it and you're having fun. Positive thinking works wonders!

Longest comment ever. Good luck and have fun!!!

echo said...

hey nat- i am a trainer if you find you need any extra help or a program tailored to you. just give me a call.
and thanks for letting me know about the 1/2, i wanna sign up now too!

shari berry bo-berry said...

you can totally do it...it is SO mental, so don't psyche yourself out!

good luck!

Natascha Nen said...

Hey Natalie!

I'm so glad you decided to do it! I remember we talked about my upcoming marathon when I was in Hawaii and you mentioned you always wanted to try one. Good for you!!!

Half-marathons are awesome. Trust me, the mileage will seem like a lot, but it's amazing how your body will adapt to the change (and I don't just means the likely weight loss). Just take it very slow at first and you'll get through it. Also, tip #1: make sure you get fitted for running shoes from a specialty running store if you haven't already. It's worth the investment--the wrong shoes can cause injury.

Check out my running blog if you have a moment of boredom: www.nataschamarathons.blogspot.com.

Good luck to you and let me know if you have any questions or need anything. Congrats again for signing up. You go girl!

Hannah Stayner said...

I was not made for running. I have always HATED running. Its painful, its boring, its everything I hate. BUT... I married an avid runner. He runs every day (hasnt missed a day in 1.5 years) he loves it, he lives it and sometimes I think he is way too obsessed. my point to all this is that, because my husband loves it, and I could lose a few pounds, I started running 3 times a week. Weeks 1,2,3,4, HATED IT. but all of the sudden... POW! I cant get enough. I want to go run every second I get. I just turn on my ipod and its like the worlds cares melt away into nothing. I am free! I can think so clear, and I can focus, and contemplate things that I could never think about in a house full of clingy monkey kids and the stresses of the day surrounding me. I always said "I am NOT a runner, and I will never be a runner" but guess what... I think im a runner!! imagine that. becoming something we never thought we would. :)

Leisa Tapia said...

oh I'm so excited! you can do it! I totally whiffed my goals for running the Maui 1/2 marathon... glad to see this, I hadn't seen it before when I was researching all the hawaii runs... Mahalo!!

and you can do it!!1

any advice... just go as slow as you need, build up your endurance.. all the programs I have read say that... and always stop for water every mile or two, because you will during the race!!

so yay!! even though you're cracked out, I'm excited and inspired! mahalo and good luck

Kristin said...

Do the best you can and walk the rest. I'm impressed you are doing this at all. :0) Been thinking about trying the "Couch 2 5K" training program, myself.

natalie said...

how did you do it. you must be in prett good shape even if you haven't been running for a while. I decided back in January that this is the year I find my inner runner. Here we are in August and I have yet to run more than a mile and a half with out stopping. Granted when I started back in January I couldn't run a whole minute without stopping but still I feel like I should be further along. bla bla bla. Great Job. you're an insperation.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

the one time i tried running on something that was not a treadmill I fell and broke my foot AND almost got attacked by a family of deers. I was out in the woods and the deer just coming closer and closer and I freaked and ran-walked-limped-crawled the rest of the way home. Misery.

There are no deers in Hawaii. You're safe!

Jillian said...

(Okay- I'll say it.)

These people are all crazy. Running sucks. Quit. See about getting your money back. STAT.

Otherwise, chalk it up to a donation to a great cause(is it?)

Totally kidding. Good luck

Angie said...

Walking is totally OK. My goal was to come in under three hours. Yes, for the half. 8]

But hey. For my first one ... and for a total NOT RUNNER ... I was so excited to beat that goal.

So then I did a second one. Super fun (though ... the course had more hills which were not fun but also lots of more fields of wildflowers and horses which were pretty to look at so it was sort of OK). Still made my time goal. Hills made it so I didn't get better, but I still made my time goal.

Then I tried a third one. And lesson learned ... DO NOT get a flu shot four days before you are doing a half-marathon. Because you might get sick and even though you start out that morning feeling OK by mile 8 you will not feel OK and by the time you get bussed home you will be delirious and then you'll have to miss a whole other week of school.

Thinking about doing it again. Minus the flue shot!

The Mom said...

I'm no runner either, but I keep having dreams that I'm running. I usually walk 1/2 hour every morning, but this morning (to make my own dreams come true . ? . . ) I ran from the Hale Laa circle up to Naniloa Loop.
And I didn't die. And I guess, really, anyone seeing me would not have described me as "running", but, as everyone who commented above me says, it's all a mind game, right?

Maybe I'll run farther tomorrow . . .

Addie said...

Thanks for the inspiration, again. Until this year I had only run in dreams. (Really.) I have often said the only time I ever ran was as a kid from home plate to first where I was thrown out!
But I started training this year with plans to run half of a 10k. I only made about 3 miles. And they weren't consecutive. But it was huge for me.
And I've been wanting to do more, but the humidity is brutal here. (Remember Orlando and multiply x 10)
But now I'm reinspired.

Rae said...

So I could write paragraphs of advice, but it looks like you've had lots of good advice already so I'll spare you and tell you only one thing--decide that you CAN do 3 miles....or whatever the distance is for each training day. Seriously. Running is 99% mental. You CAN do this. Your body CAN adjust and become even stronger. And so can you mind.

Kerri said...

Oh, I'm super excited for you. I'd come do it if it weren't in Hawaii. It sounds like a great race.

It sounds like you've run a 1/2 before, and if so you'll be dandy. If you haven't, and even if your 3 doesn't go well, you'll still be dandy. And I've run 1/2's with only 3 days of running a week, so if your training plan makes you insane or overwhelmed, look for another one. As long as you add a mile a week in the long run, you should be fine.

Can't wait to hear training run details...

Kahilau said...

Tip#2: look up a book called Chi Running! It's amazing

Mike and Amie said...

I found round trip tickets for 2 for $780 total (out of LAX). I think that is s good deal isn't it? I need to get Mike to HI. He and Richie need to catch up and I need another event to train for. I just did my first sprint Triathlon. Crazy-ness!! So crazy that I am for sure going to do it again! If you are in SD next summer around Aug. 7th you should join me. Brother Pierce did it too!( you know, Elliot's Dad) Good stuff!
Good luck sister! Hope to see you there!
Amie White

Rebecca Chesser said...

I have been following your blog for a year and love to read your posts. I am a runner. You can do this. Follow your plan (the 12 week is great). I have done 3 1/2 marathons. Believe in yourself. Find music that inspires you...listen to it. Get a great pair of running shoes and run in them (before the race:) Good luck.

Matti said...

you can do it! my tips, I am not a runner who somehow ran a marathon last year. ;-) It kills my knees. I have take glucosamine supplements (the ones you get at costco and I think that totally helps.) And if you have knee issues like me, totally look into knee support straps. I never thought they helped that much till after I ran a marathon last week and had super pained knees for about 2 weeks straight.

Finish all your training runs. Even if all you do is walk them. If it says go for 3 miles, but you can only run a half mile, walk the rest.

Enjoy your training. That's the hard part. I fell like I learned so many spiritual lessons as well as lessons about myself while training for my marathon last year. You will do great! And I just might join you on this one.

If you feel like you are petering out energy wise I love cytomax sports drinks. You can buy the powder at vitamin world. Kind of expensive, but waaaay better than gatorade. It'll give you an edge to be able to finish long runs that you just think you can't do. They help your muscles recover more quickly and help keep you hydrated longer. I think it totally helps. Accelerade is a good brand too.

I wore compression shorts for my marathon as well as for training runs. I LOVED them. It totally felt like it kept everything held together for me. They are just like biker shorts. And they help keep your theighs from rubbing together. About $25 for a pair of Under Armor ones at sports authority.

And if you ever want a running buddy give me a call! I am always looking for a workout partner. i'll email you my number. Good luck!

heidi said...

good for you!! all i can add to this plethora of running goodness is "books on tape". when you are running and your mind is elsewhere it will blow you away how much easier and excited you will be to get out there. good luck!!

Natalie. said...

I LOVE my blog friends!!! Thanks everyone!

I've been doing it! I ran 3 miles Mon (consecutive miles! miracle!) rest day Tue, 3 miles today (again, I did it, miracle!) tomorrow is 4 miles! woah! I'm a little FREAKED OUT OF MY BRAIN!

lisa said...

Natalie, I love love love your blog. You inspire me continously:)

Brady and Rachel said...

Hey, just realized you are running a 1/2 marathon. Good luck! You'll do fine. I love how you said you didn't understand how a beginning training program could start with a 3 mile run. That makes me feel better thinking back to when I was training. Last November I'd never run more than a mile at one time. I new the training would be starting in February (so I had advanced notice fortunately), so I practiced working my way up to 3 miles by then, though I was BARELY at 3 miles by then. Advice: I don't know if running up to 13 miles you'll get sick or not, it happened for me at about 14-15 miles (sick I mean diarrhea/cramps (sorry that sounds gross, but its true-hoping no one else reads this). But seriously I was MISERABLE for the rest of the day after our Long runs. Then a friend who had just finished a half marathon mentioned two girls who also ran the half marathon that she knew. She said it training they were doing this: running 3 minutes, walking 1, running 3, walking 1, etc etc. She said that she told them she couldn't do that it would just drive her crazy. Well, she said at about mile 11 during the race, these two girls passed her up - they were feeling GREAT and only needed to walk once or twice for about 30 seconds, where she felt totally out of energy by mile 11. I thought a lot about that and decided that if I was going to ever want to even consider a half marath or full again, I NEEDED to have a GOOD experience this time. So I told the girls I was training with on the long runs that I was going to go at my own pace and I didn't want them to feel bad or feel like they needed to slow down for me. I told them I was changing the way I was training otherwise I would continue to dread the marathon. I started training 3 min run, 1 min walk, etc. For 18 miles. And for the FIRST time, I actually didn't HATE running. the run was ACTUALLY kind of enjoyable, and better yet, afterwards I didn't feel like a truck had run over my stomach, and i could function the rest of the day with my kids, and my knee injury continued to improve. In the marathon I finished where I was hoping for (even slightly faster than the girls I had been training with had run it the year before- and they had strictly run the whole time). For the marathon I changed it to 7 min run 1 walk, etc for a while (but eventually had to cut it to 5 or 4 min run, 1 walk). Hope training is going well, you CAN do it! (hope this helps, but you just have to do what works best for you - I had just pushed myself too hard I think in the beginning/middle and ended up battling an injury somewhat early on- wished I had had this advice at the beginning of my training.) The 3-1-3-1-3 pattern is supposed to be that you take these shorter breaks in between BEFORE you get too tired, vs waiting till you are exhausted before taking a break. At least that's what I was told.

snoring solutions said...

I swear it is all in your mind. I love how you said you didn't understand how a beginning training program could start with a 3 mile run. That makes me feel better thinking back to when I was training. Last November I'd never run more than a mile at one time.

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