29 June, 2010



It's been really really REALLY cool not having internet.

But it is also really really REALLY cool to have it again for a second. :)

I just counted and I officially have 17 shoots that need to be blogged.


as Jon would say,

I'll get to them when I do.

Right now,
enjoying time with family.



Rach said...

so awesome. I can't wait to see all your pictures & shoots. But we also can't wait to play with you guys WHILE on vacation!

The Tesimales said...

Woah Chelsie look beautiful! Love this picture

shelly said...

I LOVE this picture, Nat! Love it.

Annie Link said...

I'm a little reluctant to admit it (here, especially) . . .

but I was humming a happy little song when I realized that you wouldn't have the internet for a while.

It just tickles me to no end to think of Rals, Cardie and Link (and Richie!) having all of YOU so deliciously ALL TO THEMSELVES!!!

Blessing and a curse, this old cyber world. Blessing and a curse.

Love you Sis. GREAT shot of the Prince and Princess!

Annie Link said...

Oh, and Richie,
There's that number 17 - A G A I N .