01 April, 2010

Lincoln + Totally Rad.

I can tell Lincoln needs some serious


I'm ditching everything else,
to give him just that.

In the mean time,
I was interviewed by the Totally Rad Actions Blog,
see the full piece here.
(blush blush)



PS. Jon, your comment on TRA totally teared me up.


sisterlu said...

Such a fabulous article! It's so special: what you share with the world... in words and photos. Have fun with your sweet boy. Thanks!

Heather Capener said...

Hope you and Lincoln are having some excellent mommy/son time!
The interview was so great! Nat, you are amazing!

marlei said...

I read the article. Wow! You are such a sweet person. And its the first time I have really seen a photo of you. You are gorgeous! Hope you and Lincoln are enjoying your special time together. Marsha x

shelly said...

LOVED it! Hope you and Link had a wonderful time!

Zoe said...

love your story. grief was my turning point too. you're very inspiring - love that!

mckenzie said...

Great advice. I am just starting my photo "business (?)". I graduate as a photo major in July. I'm a little scared. This made me feel better.

Whitney Elizabeth said...

Natalie- you are so cool.

Kristen said...

Congrats! You're inspiring.

Doin' It Digital (Shannon C.) said...

Awesome! I love Totally Rad Actions. You are amazing! I thought about you lots today during conference. I don't even know you, but I feel like I do. Thanks - just thanks!!!