21 April, 2010

mice, funerals and benadryl.


did I mention uncle richie is out of town all week?
(for yet ANOTHER funeral)

oy. oy. oy.

flying solo is not nearly as cool as tandem.

on a happier note,
as we speak the kids are drifting peacefully into an oblivion.

I've never been so grateful for allergy season in my life.
they're all sniffly and miserable. . .
which gives me a bona fide excuse to drug them at bedtime.


. . .

oh, and there is DEFINITELY a mouse living in my kitchen.

who I refuse to kill,
but also have NO intention of sharing KITCHEN space with.


sooo. . .
the boys and I set up boobie traps.

they find it absurd and hilarious that said traps are called "boobies".

we'll see how successful our humanity turns out being.

uncle jase?

plan on a hysterical early morning phone call
if we actually end up catching him.




Kristen said...

Hysterical as in hysteria, or hysterical as in funny? Because I think it could be pretty funny.

DO the traps say boobies on them? Didn't think so. =o)

Anonymous said...

my advice? sticky trap... dispose of in middle of road. or i hear a more humane way is soak the mouse in oil in a field. whatever.

Anonymous said...
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Rachel said...

Sharing kitchen space is always pleasant...with a mouse? Hope he finds a new home soon :)

Ashley said...

Sick mice! Live traps really work though.

Rae said...

Wooo, my heart goes out to you--it is HARD to have the sweetheart gone, for a day or a week or any amount of time! Hope you catch that mouse with your booby traps. :)

Brady and Rachel said...

Reminds me of when I was there in school and we had a whole family of rats in our house across from foodland. My roommate refused to kill them, so our home teachers dropped off a big trap that would trap them alive and then they took them our past kahuku and let them go. haha, though I'm sure those in kahuku didn't appreciate that, but blame it on my roommate. :) Good luck Nat. Hope you caught it!

Ashleigh said...

tandem trumps solo. forever.

Unknown said...

Oh my.... (Sorry, you're title just screamed for it. :) Yuck, mice. I think I inherited my mother's phobia. :) Wanted to let you know that I had my pertussis immunization today. Thought of and prayed for you and yours as I did.