13 March, 2010

pretty day.

I hope your day was as pretty as mine.

Do you see the beauty all around?

It's there. . .
evidence of God's perfect love for his children.

Just open your eyes.

Oh please,
open your eyes.




Love 'n Light said...

I do!!!

I see it every day in everything and everyone (even those that, can sometimes irritate me to death).

One day I was driving my Mum to the shops and happened to look up at the sky, which was filled with these amazing clouds. (It looked like a painting)
Excitedly I said 'Mum look at those beautiful clouds, aren't they stunning?' Mum says' they're clouds whats so beautiful about them?'
At that moment I thought 'does anyone see the beauty I see?'
I felt so alone for that instant!

I'm happy you can see it!!!

LL Nat:~)

Margie said...

I would love to open my eyes to that picture rather than the 6" of snow we got over night - but I will open my eyes and look for the beauty, promise!

shelly said...

Yes - I see it! Wow, that picture is so gorgeous, Natalie...incredible, in fact!

Amber said...

Yep..beautiful! I look at this picture and I think "why on earth has my husband never taken me there?" He was born in Oahu..actually the way I found your blog is that his cousin (actually many of his family members) lives in Hawaii and she is a friend of yours (and she is a friend on my facebook)

aubphotography said...


Fran said...

Beautiful!! Thank you

Ashleigh said...

Hubby left for Afghanistan on Friday and I've found that so far two things keep me uplifted:
prayer and nature.
I know my trial is nothing compared to yours, so thank you for uplifting me in YOUR time of hardship.
Thanks for the reminder.
God really does love us.
We are so blessed to live in such a lovely place.
Love you Nat.

Anonymous said...

Natalie...my day is pretty but so opposite of yours...it's snowing! And beginning to look like a winter wonderland. Thanks for the sunshine.

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

Wasn't it just a lovely day in the islands yesterday. I have evidence of it all over my body (sunburn). We are so blessed to live in such a gorgeous place:)

mary said...

gorgeous! makes me miss hawaii. and what a good reminder to always keep our eyes open to the beauty around us. thanks!

TLCbull said...

We LOVE Hawaii! Our latest trip, we taught 65 year old Gwumma how to snorkel. She was terrified but she did it! http://www.flickr.com/photos/tlcbull/sets/72157622620415092/
We can't wait to get back. Me thinks I will HAVE to do a family portrait session with some chick named Natalie next time we go there :-)

Larry Reeves said...

It appears that you went shooting for yourself! Great job, Natalie. That photo makes me miss Laie even more. Keep your head up! It was great seeing you at WPPI...even if it was for a brief moment to give you a much needed hug. ;-)

Its a Breezy thing said...

Wow.. I love your blog. I discovered it today. It's beautiful!

Unknown said...

My day was beautiful too :)

poison ivy said...

i see the beauty of God's perfect love in my daughter. i may not be a perfect mother for her but God knows she makes me complete.

i like your blog. i like your photos. amazing!

sugarface said...

I just taught a lesson on the creation and God's love for us. Sadly, my day was not filled with palm trees and t-shirt weather, but it was filled with lots of love, hugs and kisses-not to mention the glorious Wasatch mountains. :)

Susan said...

Hey, that sugarface comment was mine... I was signed in to an old account for some reason! DOH!