09 February, 2010

dance to the light of the moon. . .

then hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced in the light of the moon.

the moon.
the moon.

they danced in the light of the moon.

(From The Owl and the Pussycat.
Definitely a fave, read the full text here)


My Dearest Uncle Richie,

I love you.
There's no one I'd rather dance with. . .

on the sand.
in the light of the moon.


Happy Day my darling.





Richie is not in fact my uncle.

I just call him that when he's being snazzy.

pet name.



Anonymous said...

lol you guys are nuts! :)

Larry Reeves said...

haha, awesome. "uncle" as in the Hawaiian term...doesn't always means uncle, just someone close to you. I'd say that's fitting. Hope things are looking up!

Stephanie said...

"snazzy"- love it!

Heather said...


stacy said...

that might be a little disturbing...but mostly it's dang funny!

still thinking about you everyday. i hope that's not too weird comming from someone you don't even know...hmmmm. that could be a little disturbing too. :)

Brady and Rachel said...

What a RELIEF to know he is not in fact your uncle. ;) Have and enjoy your Happy Day!!! Thanks for the smile you just gave me. So Happy to hear the happy day Sara is having too.

Snapshotsofhappiness said...

you had me all confused for a minute! :-)

PhotoChick said...

Love it!

And don't feel bad. I kinda freaked out the other day when my husband called me by my name...! Yeah, that sounds much weird-er.

But to explain, he always calls me Babydoll or sweetie.

Anyway, I loved your post (as always)

Take care, God Bless, & continued prayers for you & yours!

ps: Thank you so much for publicly praying for so many... Especially Sara! Her posts today had me in happy tears!!! PRAISE GOD!

Annie said...

I am a visitor to your blog...I do not know you...I know people who know you and that is how I came upon this amazing blog. YOU my dear are AMAZING. Your FAITH could move mountains....I am speechless. I will never possess your strength or testimony...EVER. Period. I will most likely doubt and while I am a member and generally do what I am "supposed" to do, I fear I will never truly know what you know. Thank you for your beauty. You have a way with words that is by far the best I have ever heard...better than famous poets and writers...seriously. So Thank you thank you for the millionth time. No words...just Thank you my dear...for being someone incredible for me to admire. Love be with you and your physically and spiritually gorgeous family. Me.

Tarnation said...

The Owl and the Pussycat was one of my favorite books growing up as a child. I still have it. Thanks for carrying it into the next generation. Thanks for your faith and strength.

Michelle Jones said...

Tyler, my husband, read this and asked me to please never call him Uncle.

I think it's cute.