07 January, 2010

Gavin David Bruce Norton

Gavin David Bruce Norton
October 24, 2009-January 7, 2010

For the last few days,
our baby was the most
loved and prayed for baby
in the world.

Thank you for that.
God is real.
God is good.

Because of the atoning sacrifice and resurrection of
Jesus Christ,
we will live together again.


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Anonymous said...

i just found your blog....so sorry to hear of your loss. I pray for God to heal you in your sorrow and to give you peace and comfort. Gavin is enjoying his healthy body in heaven and waits for you with love and open arms.

BenLand said...

praying for you & your family.....and baby Gavin...your angel..


Kitchen Butterfly said...

God bless and keep you strong. It is well with you in Jesus name......I can't imagine the pain.....Stay strong, stay hopeful.

Kim Shepherd said...

My cousin lost her baby in November and was given this poem. I hope it can help comfort you more.

"They say that heaven's wonderful
It's beauty is divine
A place where we shall meet again
with loved ones, yours and mine.
and what a glorious meeting place
A Vale so pure and fair,
But heaven can't be heaven
without A baby there.

My baby was perfection
A goal is set for me
to keep me climbing upward
to A greater destiny.
his heartstrings tangle 'bout my feet
his silent voice calls clear,
and when the moonbeams light the night
I often feel him near.

The greatest touch of heaven
that ever brightens earth
is the coming of A spirit
In the miracle of birth.
To fathom heaven's mystery
I would not try or care,
but I know that there are angels
for my baby's waiting there.

Dear lord, forgive my heart's complaint
I did not understand
the magic of A baby's smile
and soft warmth of Its hand.
The power of Its winning ways
and innocence so sweet
are needed up in heaven
to make it more complete.

And after I have dried my tears
this thought, dear lord, breaks though,
that he was yours as well as mine
you loved my baby too.
I wanted him to stay so much
but life is full of care
and you have called, and heaven
will be sweeter with him there.

I give him back,dear father
this babe that's yours and mine
and wait until you call for me
in your appointed time.
I now he will be waiting
with all his many charms
and heaven will be heaven
when I take him in my arms."

Leona H. Carlson

erin said...

I don't know you or your family. But I hope somehow, somewhere you find peace. And you feel the love that everyone has for you. I'm so sorry.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

He is beautiful...
just precious...

You will be with him again..
yes, yes, yes.

You will live forever with your baby someday.


Jessica said...

I am so sorry. Know that your story and your strength have touched thousands of lives. Literally.

"Thy friends (or in this case, random internet lurkers :) ) do stand by thee and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands....Thy days ARE KNOWN and thy years shall not be numbered less..."

PMC said...

he is beautiful. you are beautiful. your faith and your words are beautiful. thank you.

Unknown said...

Dear Natalie,
I weep everytime I come across your name or read your blog and while I know not the sorrow you feel, the absence of his presence and sound of his breathe that no longer is heard, I pray that time will be kind to you, memories of him remain forever strong and his spirit live one in the hearts of all who knew him for however brief it may have seemed.

Bless you and yours xxx

Reuben said...

natalie, your faith is incredibly encouraging and inspiring. thank you for showing me hope

Rayia said...

I am so sorry for your loss! My heart is with you! What a beautiful testimony of the love of God and our hope in Heaven you have shared! I have four babies in heaven (miscarriage) and although I can not imagin the pain of what you have gone through, it must have been such a sweet blessing and joy to hold your baby boy and know him! Blessings on you and your family!

bwood2 said...

Prayers and peace to you and family.

Nettie Martin said...


I realize I'm the 1333 person to comment on this post. I just clicked to your site via Natalie Hill's.

I'm here at work up against the worst deadline yet and I'm glued to your blog. I just read baby Gavin's story and my heart just broke. Literally...I have that lump in my throat and the sting in my eyes and there's not fighting the tears now.

I am so sorry for you loss. I have experienced loss before- but I am not a mother and I can not even comprehend the loss you and your family must be feeling.

I hope that you will continue to feel our Saviors love and comfort. How blessed that day will be when you will be reunited with you sweet little Gavin. May the Lord watch over your sweet little family.

Much love,

Bethany said...

i know the ache of your son leaving you will never go away, but if you ever want some comfort and feel like you are where he is.....read the book called 90 minutes in heaven....it changed my life

Unknown said...

I comment having read only the opening post... if I repeat or if I am duplicative I do not apologize.. some words are worth repeating.

My wife and I lost a child prior to birth. A very dear friend lost hers in the 6th month. Cousins took their baby home knowing it would not live 24 hours. There is strength in God when we are weak. It took me a long time to recognize that.

What I know now is that God loves all of his children. ALL.. ALWAYS. Many of us are separated from our children we do not yet know. But we will. As sad as I have been, and that will never go away, I am more hopeful.

I am only a man. With God that is enough.

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