19 November, 2009

the eyes of a child.

Apparently I'm going into the business of
selling motivational posters to pediatric offices. . . ??

couldn't resist.

beautiful beautiful hope filled eyes.

and speaking of hope.

did you know that one of the definitions of hope is
"to expect with confidence"?

do you live your life with the expectation that things will go your way?
do you expect that God is on your side?
do you expect that everything that happens in your life
is for your ultimate good?

I sure do hope so.
pun intended.


sisinpacific said...

Dang, that is one cute kid! ;-)

shelly said...

LOVE this picture! And what?? Selling motivation posters? Awesome! Love your thoughts - always.

Scott & Tami said...

Congrats on baby Gavin...oh how I've missed your blog. He is precious. 4 little boys....I'm jealous.

Natalie. said...

I'm NOT really selling motivational posters Shell.

That was my funny that flopped apparently. :)

shelly said...

Ha! Sorry. I'd say my brain has been flopping lately...

Suzy said...

Thanks for posting that about Hope-I really like that-and cute pic. Children definitely make this world a better place. Little pieces of heaven on earth. ;0) (except for when they're not)

Natalie. said...

"except for when they're not" . . . ha ha ha! Amen Suzy.

Addie said...

Love the motivational piece. Came at a perfect time for me.

(and of course the pic is beautiful, but that is a given)

Elli said...

Great explanation of "hope" Natalie. It's closely related to and required for faith (Hebrews 11:1) but many misunderstand that truth.

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

Haha. Natalie, I adore you. Seriously. I've been reading your stuff on DPS for the past hour. I love the way you write and your photography. You're amazing. :]
and I love this post. :]