03 October, 2009

Scissor Saturday.

  1. Sitting at the computer.
  2. Minding my own business.
  3. Out of the corner of my eye I see Richie walk to the cabinet and pull out the scissors.
  4. Not really paying particular attention.
  5. Hear something along the lines of, "Come on Cardon, Daddy's going to cut your hair."
  6. Still, not paying particular attention.
  7. Suddenly recognize absurdity of what I've just heard.
  8. Tweet said absurdity.
  9. Cardon walks into the kitchen 5 minutes later.
  10. What I see grabs my UNDIVIDED attention . . .
Annnnd. . . this is what you get when your Daddy cuts your hair:

Still handsome as ever. :)
But Rich, don't quit your day job.


jdprice said...

Richie, I need a haircut. When can I stop by?

richie said...

Anytime bro. I'm open for business.

shelly said...

I was really scared when I first heard, but it looks pretty darned good! At least he didn't give him a mullet like I used to give Richie!

Natalie. said...

Shelly! Are you kidding me? It was like the most uneven choppy haircut ever! I had to take him in to get it fixed! The lady cutting it just kept saying: "Oh my gosh! What did he do??!" because it was SO uneven.

Stephanie said...

it's awesome! that's hilarious!

ambrose got a haircut from his father once with my large orange sewing scissors. awesome.

cardon can pull anything off- that kid is cute cute!

stef j. said...

w o w .

shelly said...

Hahaha! I'm just trying to see with my "glass half full" attitude today. And I can never see past Cardon being so cute!

Annie Link said...

I actually LOVE it! (Though it does look a little like Cardon may have done it all by himself . . . )

And I LA LA LOVE you, Cardie-kins!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh he is So cute despite Daddy's mad hair cutting skillz : )