10 August, 2009

Hawaii Portrait Photoraphy: E+K+R

I really love these people.



Leisa Tapia said...

I love how the baby is right inside the barrel!! cute! did you do that framing intentionally? and on the first shot, her head is perfectly in the circle?
sorry... I'm trying to gleam from experienced photographers how to make my own better.. forgive me for prying.

Also love the baby on the little path to Kawela bay!

Natalie. said...


Ha! Yes the barrel was intentional, but I don't think the circle around her head in the top image was. . . but I don't remember. I took these quite a while ago.

That shot of the baby is up by Keiki Beach on the bike path. Great place for photos!

Hope that's helpful!



shelly said...

Natalie Natalie Natalie! Ahhhhh!!!

Leslie Houx said...

Oh my...love love love! Such a beautiful family. I always enjoy coming on your site. I lived on the North Shore back in 2002 at the Volcom house with a couple girls during the summer. One day when my family and I come there for a visit I would love to have you take our pictures!

Kindsay and Erik said...

Natalie.... Thanks so much!!!! We LOVE these pictures!!!! You captured the true Ruby.

The Price Family said...

Awww i miss little Rupert! (That's what I liked to call Ruby :)

P.S. I miss the humans that created her too

Leisa Tapia said...

Thanks, you're so sweet to reply (recomment) to me! -especially with how busy you are.
Hope to run into you soon!


Alisa Greig said...

just beautiful!

Ashley Smith said...

I love your processing and the lens flare. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I have to check out that area:)