01 July, 2009

Pierce Family: Oahu Family Portrait Photographer.

I was so happy to have the opportunity to photography our dear dear friends Chris and Taylor before they ditched us for medical school. We really will miss you guys so much. Taylor, you know how much I love you. You are one of the dearest friends I could ever have hoped for.


Joke's over. Come back.


Joanna Tano Photography said...

so sweet - I love your photos!

Annie Link said...

OK. My heart is being stretched in too many directions here.
Taylor and Chris I'm so happy for you to be moving in such an exciting direction . . . truly, I'm out of my skin I'm so happy for you. But, aaaaaa! I want to keep knowing that you're going to be out there on that beautiful island playing with the Nortons for the rest of FOREVER.

This is just more than I can bear. NO!NO!NO!YESNO! YES! NO! NONO! YESSSSNO!

We're all very lucky that I'm far, far away.

shelly said...

These are INCREDIBLE pictures, Natalie! Seriously wonderful.

Leslie Houx said...

Such a beautiful family! I LOVE the first picture, his expression is priceless.

Amelia Kate said...

Ok, 5th from the bottom totally and completely melts my heart! Someday I will have you take our family photos....someday!

.From Her. said...

NAT!!!!! Oh my dearest love. You rock my world. Always, and forever. There is no ocean that can disconnect our hearts. You are my kindred, afterall.

"You are so cute. I swear."

Anonymous said...

these are fantastic photos!

stef j. said...

man, i miss those humans ...

richie said...

Incredible pictures. Beautiful. Miss you Chris and Taylor.

Anonymous said...

hugh and his smug little mug! seriously-- the world feels strange with all this change.

Jenni said...

I love, love, love all the photos you posted from this shoot. It looks like you all had so much fun in the process! Very cool pictures.

enlightee said...

Hi Natalie,

i stumbled upon your blog by following a link from DPS.

I must say that your photos really opened my mind to the end possibilities of photography world.

I'm particularly intrigued with how you post-process your images. I've read one of your tutorials at DPS. And it's a very clear and straightforward article.

By any chance, did you write other articles on how you post-process images like this post? Spare me the details if it's a secret. :)

Natalie. said...


No secrets here. :) All these images have a levels adjustment (left slider brought in to around 9-11) and most of them have slight dodging and burning to selectively lighten/darken different parts of the image to draw the eye to the focal point. Other than that, the black and whites are adjusted with a basic desaturation and have a sepia overlay at a low opacity.

Hope that helps!


enlightee said...

thank you natalie for the tips!

do you mind sharing where do you learn how to cross-process or post-process your images? especially the image titled juggling.

I've been madly curious and amazed with the color effects of your images.

again, i would understand if it's a secret :)

Natalie. said...


I don't cross process my images. The image "juggling" has nothing more than a levels adjustment. The same as I described above.

I learned post processing by a lot a trial and error.

Good luck to you!


enlightee said...

Thank you Natalie!

I wish you well on the photography world too.

Keep up the amazing work.

sharon said...

OMG!!! I know the Pierce family! In fact, I went to school with them! How do you know them??? What a small world. I was linked to your blog from a photoshop tutorial and I found my friends!!!

Natalie. said...


Chris and my husband grew up together. :)