23 July, 2009

Best Cookie Recipe Ever. EV.ER.

This really is the very best cookie recipe ever.
The instructions are absolutely absurd,
but again, best cookies EVER.

Next time I'd possibly add a little less by way of chocolate chips
and I'd also include some kind of nuts.

Did I mention they are the best cookies of.all.time?!


Thank you to Jana for the heads up on the awesome recipe!


richie said...

Thanks for the warm best cookies ever when I came home yesterday! Love you! You are the BEST WIFE! Seriously! LOV E YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!

stef j. said...

so did you really split it, flip it, reverse it and all that jazz?!?

i guess i'll try it ... step by step. haha!

Stephanie said...

i saved this recipe to my links on my blog- and dang it- im gonna make 'em! thanks :)

Natalie. said...

Stef j. I really did split it, flip it and reverse it. They are SO GREAT!

shelly said...

Oooo! I think think I've really got to make these soon! Thanks, Nat (and Jana!)

Sarah said...

back in the day at BYU-H there was a recipe for choc chip cookies that was WONDERFUL. Follow any regular one and just add a small package of dry instant vanilla pudding mix. Keeps them soft and DELISH! Did you ever try those Nat? I am sure these were good too, can't wait to make them.

Jana Neser said...

Yay!!!! I'm so glad you love them as much as I do!
PS you can just use a normal cookie scooper or roll them into balls and the still turn out wonderful! Now I need to go make some :)

Ashley Smith said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe that you've been tweeting about:) I'm going to try it out but I've been know to mess it up:)