12 June, 2009

Please Vote for Allison!

Image Credit: Allison Cox

My good friend, and amazing photographer, Allison Cox has an incredible opportunity to go to a Jose Villa photography workshop in Italy - all expenses paid! Please go vote on her video TODAY, RIGHT THIS SECOND (voting closes at 5pm PST)!!! It's only 12 seconds long and it's amazing. You don't even have to watch it if you don't want to. :) But you should, because again, it's awesome.

Her video is listed first and is called "Me plus Italy."

Go HERE to vote.

She's battling for the lead, neck and neck, so ANY votes will help!

here is some of her amazing photography just for fun:


Angela said...

Go, Allison, Go! Such a shame they only let us vote once. Good luck!

lilia said...

I voted for her! What a magical little movie she made!! :-)