04 June, 2009

Happy Birthday Raleigh.

six years ago today I entered the time warp/twilight zone called motherhood.
best thing that ever happened to me.
without exception.

who knew you could love anything so much?


you are magic and I love you with all of me.
happy happy birthday Thunderbird!



ps- I though it was awesome that you insisted we all call you Thunderbird on your special day. It reminded me a lot of your Unkie Gavin; that was something he'd have done (yet he wouldn't have stopped at 6, he'd probably have insisted on the same far into his 30's). You are more like him than you will ever know, and I want you to know how very much he LOVES YOU. I am absolutely certain it's safe to say that he loved you boys more than anything else on Earth. And like me, without exception. If he could, I know he'd be here to toss you up in the air and sing you an absurd and completely wizardly rendition of "Happy Birthday" accompanied by smooth dance steps, and lots of clapping of hands.


richie said...

Raleigh: I love you SO much. You are so awesome! Raleigh rocks! Happy Happy Birthday R-Man!

Grandma said...

Raleigh -- I'm SO HAPPY Grandpa and I got to spend your special day with you!!! We LOVE YOU!