14 May, 2009

Behind behind.

I'm so behind on blogging.
I have MANY a session to pop on the bloggity.
Scouts honor.

In the mean time however I wanted to share this AWESOME video that Richie sent me. In the end it is an advertisement for I don't know what, but it is absolutely lovely and SO EMPOWERING. Richie and I are HUGE advocates for entrepreneurialism. Granted I have been known to whine a bit every now and then over how great it would be to feel the security of a bi-monthly pay check. . . not gonna lie . . . but in the end, we just feel so strongly that the key to self reliance and joie de vivre is in the "do it yourself" model. I get that it's not for everyone, but it is for some. If you're on the fence about jumping in and just TRYING something you've always dreamed of, I say GO FOR IT! There's no time like the present! Bad economy, shmad eshonomy. Give me a break! Just go out and make it happen! :) Enjoy.


Heather said...

Love that! Thank you for the inspiration,

richie said...

Powerful. Optimistic. True!

Rachel Esther said...

That was fantastic! thanks for sharing!

Esther said...

Great one Natalie.

Been following your blog and pics for a while now, you have been an inspiration!

I started my own business in photography last april. Yeah, feels good!

Esther (Netherlands)

Unknown said...

seriously awesome!

Ashton Rodgers said...

thanks, i needed that.

Amelia Kate said...

Holy-freaking-moly. Love love love.