07 April, 2009


Dear Blog Friends,

Thanks for being patient while I'm MIA
over the next few days.
Morning sickness + a husband who's all the way across the Pacific
= no time or energy to blog this week.

If I survive, I'll see you Monday.
Fingers crossed. Pah!




Jody said...

Wait!! Did I miss a post? You're preggers?

Whoaaa congrats nate!!! =)

Scott & Tami said...

You are a champ!!!

Annie Link said...

I'm SO glad you're going to take blogging off your list this week. You've got your hands FULL.

Hang in there!!

Kelli Eudis said...

Hope you feel better :)

shelly said...

I really, really, really wish I were there to take those little boys off your hands!!!

Ashleigh said...

Dear Nat,
Have you ever posted a blog about choosing a camera as a beginner? I'm looking into it now :)

Scarlett Lillian // Jacksonville Senior Photographer said...

OMG Are you preggers? I'm so out of touch!