09 March, 2009


How did I forget to add one of my very favorite shots of Jess and Hunter?

There's another one like it sans sun flare where you can actually
see Hunter's face, but I still like this one better. :)


Steex said...

You don´t like Hunter´s face?!? hehe just kidding.
I really like your photos, you have great talent in connecting with people, thats obvious!!
but one question, in these family shoots, do you ask the families to wear matching clothes or is that something they think of? Do you think it´s important or makes no diffrence?

Thanks from Iceland,

Natalie. said...


To be perfectly honest, I prefer when people DO NOT wear matching clothes. When people ask me for advice on what to wear I tell them to wear something that compliments each other but not something that "matches perfectly." I want photos to be a reflection of who my subjects are everyday. Wearing something they feel like themselves in is always best. Often though, VERY OFTEN, people choose to match anyway, and that's fine too. Ultimately these photos are going on their walls afterall, not mine. :)



Steex said...

ok thanks alot, I appreciate your quick response:)
and again, great photos, wish I was there yet and good luck with everything.