24 March, 2009

Kemy and George: Laie, Hawaii Family Portraits.

Kemy is the cutest thing ever. Her man George or Chris, not really sure which it is in all honesty;), is one lucky dude! This couple has a wonderful dynamic and I had so much fun hanging out with them! Thanks to Beana and Chelsea for assisting!


Anonymous said...


The photos are FABULOUS!!! I'm thrilled...and the Mr. would be too, but I will not wake him...yes, it's 1:32a.m. (not 1:30, but :32, get it right) here on the mainland and I am still on Island time...can you say AWESOME!

In love with the photos! Many many thanks again to wonderful you and your beautiful assistants! We had so much fun with this shoot! Can't wait to see the rest!



The Price Family said...


You are such an AMAZING photographer! ! These pictures are wonderful and I especially love the mirror trick. You are the best. Simply the best! ! ! I can't explain how much I LOVE your work. Just wonderful. . . hahahahahha Really though, good job:)


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Seriously, Natalie...these are wonderful. Really, really, really beautiful and artistic. I love them! And Kemy and George (or Chris) are so gorgeous! And, I've got Kemy beat -- it's 2:07a.m. What the heck am I doing??

Heather said...

I LOVE Kemy!!!!! Great photo Nat! Kemy-you and your husband look smokin' hot!

Karalee said...

i LOVE them!! you are very talented and i must admit, the couple is pretty easy on the eyes as well!!

Anonymous said...

uummmmmm...WOOOOWWWW. Very clever/cool angle on that first one. LOVE the one with #8 with the white background. INCREDIBLE pictures. You got the eye of a tiger.