20 March, 2009


Dear Walmart,

Thank you for keeping my feet warm for 19.99
while the rest of my Hawaiian body froze at Disneyland last month.
I'm sorry that Target moved to town and
now I'm going to be leaving you forever.
But hey, we had a good run while it lasted!
6 years of super center monopoly. . . that's gotta be worth something.




us*limes said...

you are getting a target? SWEET! i LOVE target. every time i came out there i wished you had one.

poor walmart.

cute boots BTW.

Raich said...

i totally have those boots...too cute for wal mart huh...everyone always comments...too bad target is so much more less yucky...

Rachel Wattson said...

cute boots, tee hee. Don't write off Wal Mart for good. I don't know about you but they always have something that gets me back in the door. I think it's their huge packages of diapers at unbeatable prices. I can't wait to have two potty trained kids!

Anonymous said...

Crazy how I happened upon your blog... my friend wants me to take her prego pics and somehow she found your artical about the 7 tips. Thank you for the advice! I can't wait to use them while taking her pictures. You are beautiful and an awesome photographer! Hope you don't mind we stopping by every so often!

Annie Link said...

A Target in your world! Now I can rest easier.
Wondering if you and Richie noticed those white things in the St Patrick's Day box I sent???

(anglogyn? wonder what that might be?)

Natalie. said...


We did get them and I thanked you profusely on the phone the other day! You don't remember that conversation? You're losing it. :)


Sarah said...

Yeah for Target coming to Oahu, a BIG congrats to you!!