14 February, 2009

This Is Where it All Began.


I love you so much!
I am SO GRATEFUL for such a wonderful bff.
How did I get SO LUCKY?

Here's to forever babe!
Happy Valentines Day!




Anonymous said...

It was a blessed day for all of us when you two found each other! Happy Valentine's Day! I love you!

Heather said...

I remember when I snapped that shot!

little miss erika said...

ahhh! =) =)
remember when we drilled you guys about how you met and your engagement and everything else?!

(p.s. i will totally still be in hawaii this summer! efy repeat!!)

love you two!!!

Anonymous said...

You two look incredibly young!

Annie Link said...

What a love story yours is--the happiness in your faces reflects the magic of it all.

Michelle said...

Good ole EFY...fun memories! :) Thanks for all of your tips and wise words. You are AMAZING!! :)

courtney brooke photography said...

Oh yes!!! i love this picture!! and i love the story behind it! miss you both!