24 February, 2009

Heading Home!

Hi everyone! I'm finally headed home from my SECOND trip to the mainland in 2 days! I got back to Honolulu Friday and headed back out on Sunday for my uncle's funeral. OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS PLEASE GIVE MY LIFE SOME LEVEL OF NORMALCY!

Can't wait to get back and:

1. Kiss my man
2. Snuggle my boys
3. Pay bills!!!
4. Get all caught up!!
5. Convert my office into a lovely studio/work space (no I still haven't completed this project!)

In the mean time enjoy this fantastic DIY idea from photojojo:

I love how kitchen friendly this is! Eco friendly too! LOVE IT!


Anonymous said...

This looks awesome! I can't wait til you get home and have life get back to normal for you. Love you, Nat!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! We missed you! Love you!

M Crew said...

I saw this on photojojo and fell in the love.

Anonymous said...

Verry cool DIY from photojojo~~!

I like!!

Annie Link said...

Ah, Home.

Geri-Jean said...

Neat idea ;)