11 February, 2009

Aren't They Darling?

I have so many wonderful things to blog!
Thanks for being patient while I party with my family here in Southern CA!
I've got an awesome wedding coming up tomorrow, then we're off to WPPI this weekend.
Hopefully I'll be blogging here and there- I miss you guys!!!


Kelsey said...

We miss you too!!! oohhh Aunge and Ben are such a cute couple! I hope you're having so much fun with everyone!

Jonathan Canlas said...

right on!!!

OMI said...

Call me Nat. Your phones are on the blink. I left Richie a message...it's about our hotel on Saturday.

Jana Neser said...

I love Aunge and Ben! Miss them. Natalie, I tried to call you back but Im sure you've just been busy. Give me a call if you're still wanting to your hair done! You will LOVE it :) And it would be fun to see you! Have fun shooting the wedding!

englexas photography said...

Hey Natalie! You have been a huge inspiration to me and have added a link to you on my blog...thank you so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun at WPPI! Wish I could have been there!