07 October, 2008

Today I Love: Photographer John Chiara.

Image Credit: John Chiara

I don't care who you are, you've got to check out photographer John Chiara (Jon you and Leo will dig this to the max). There are two YouTube videos highlighting his workflow posted over at Digital Photography School today. They're a little long, but totally worth it. Check them out HERE. He takes only an image a day, and it is absolutely remarkable to see what goes in to the process. Talk about passion and connection to your work!

I don't care what you do or who you are. . . if we all were as connected, committed to and CONSCIOUS OF our passions as Mr. Chiara, I think we'd live much more connected and fulfilled lives.

John Chiara's Website
John Chiara's Workflow Videos on DPS

** I'm off to my one on one with Nate Kaiser today, then tomorrow I fly back to my little rock, so I'll see you Thursday ish :). xo. N


Unknown said...

thanks for sharing this Natalie... this might be my favorite photographer EVER. I am really inspired by this. So amazing, and that's what photography is about. He is a true artist!

Anonymous said...

The man "INSIDE" the camera. Woah! This guy is absolutely amazing -- lots of lessons to be learned from him about life and loving the process to achieve the result--too many of us are unsatisfied until we get the "result" only to find out that the result wasn't all that satisfying--LOVE THIS! THRIVE IN THE PROCESS!

Anonymous said...

wow, love that description in the 2nd paragraph. beautiful. he is really a great artist.

Jessica said...

Hey Nat-
I was wondering if you could shed some light on how you customized the header on your blogspot template!?
Thanks and off to check out this John dude... ;)

Unknown said...

Oh yea I stumbled onto that link from somewhere here in cyberspace. Really interesting photog & photos. + as a photo instructor, pinhole cameras are always a fav photo project of mine.

Natalie, always enjoys your bits of info you have posted on digital photo school, thanks for sharing. Sending that out to students today about putting together a portfolio.