13 October, 2008

Jack and Emily Wedding: Escondido, CA.

Jack and Emily are the most sincere lovable people of all time. Their wedding was such an expression of who they are as people, FULL OF LOVE and FUN!! They had a full on traditional Catholic ceremony. . . this was a first for me and it was amazing!

Emily was absolutely ravishing. She looked like she came right off the cover of Vogue.

Bridal party portraits, as usual. . .

Some of the MANY WONDERFUL details from this event. Amorology did such a great job with this wedding, no big surprise there!

I love sea glass!! It was such a fun, refreshing, understated element of the decor. I loved it!

The wedding had a little Jamaican flare. . . complete with a treasure box filled with gold coins and pan cookie mix. . . THE BEST OF ALL TIME! I went home and made it after the wedding. . . thanks for the extra 5lbs Jack and Em. :)
I loved that Emily's dad wore his Father's clothes to the wedding. Emily mentioned that it was like a way to have him at the wedding even though he's passed on. So neat, plus he looked rockin' wouldn't you say??

Here's Jack being Jack . . . which equals awesome.

Oh Emily! What more can I possibly say that does your beauty justice?!

She may be a skinny little thing, but I have no doubt she could totally take me.

Pretty though these shoes may be. . . they were EVIL to Emily's feet. Poor girl was SUCH a good sport, because I know she was in some serious pain by the end of the day!

I love daddy daughter dances. Click to enlarge and you'll see the tear coming down Emily's cheek. Don't worry, I was totally crying too. . . as ALWAYS during this segment of EVERY wedding I've EVER shot.I love this last image. That face is full of so much joy and love!

Jack and Emily,

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your day.
It was honestly beautiful in every sense.
I couldn't be more happy for you,
and I wish you EVERY joy life together has to offer.


Thank you Heather for assisting.


taryn said...

wow! natalie, these are so beautiful!

Heather said...

No Prob!! Thank YOU! It was so much fun!

Ashley said...

That really took my breath away. I loved everything about it. From the b&w to the colors. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Way to tell a story! Love how you captured the tear! You really got incredible pictures. Jack and Emily are SO lucky! AWE.SOME!

Unknown said...

I love your style! Beautiful wedding and you did great capturing it. I also love that you take individual shots of the wedding party. Such a better way to remember how everybody looked that day than small faces in a large group photo.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a post! Everything looks like it was a great wedding and tons of fun to shoot! Great job!!

mandy said...

My favorite part of the shoot is always your shots of the wedding party!! I love of course the bride and groom but you always make everyone look incredible!! you are magic:D..love ya..mandy

Anonymous said...

so, i totally went to highschool with her! how funny. you were in my home town and we JUST missed eachother. what a small world.

good thing we live on the same island ;)

Anonymous said...

No words. Nope, just too beautiful for words.

OMI said...

LOVE IT! You rocked this one girl! I'm sorry you got so sick after, but holy moley I LOVE THEM ALL!

I went with the lens. It does the wide, and the pullback. Should give me some variety! We'll see

Anonymous said...

Natalie, you did fabulous on this wedding. The bride does look like a model!

Way to go!

sheena said...

holy WOW!!! amazing work!