25 September, 2008

Today I Love.

Check out this event by Jeff Newsom.

Image Credit: Jeff Newsom

This could be my favorite ring shot ever. Seriously.

Check out my interview with Jeff from a while back HERE.


Jody said...

Wooooot! I'm first! I love that =)

Ok well after spending the last 2 hrs playing with my camera settings on manual grrrrrr I decided to take a break before I tossed it lol. What a sweet surprise to see this post. I love ring pics. And yes this is so very original. Tell the story behind it Nat as I'm sure there is one. It's great!

Unknown said...

Wow! I LOVE that. I am a piano player and love the unique look of this shot. So cool!

Larry said...

Awesome! I'm always looking at unique ways to shoot the rings. I have some great ideas, but this is the most creative I've seen so far!

KK said...

Hey there...the link to Jeff's event isnt working - would love to see his event. Thanks for sharing!