02 September, 2008

Miller Family Sneak Peek.

Yes, I sincerely considered trying to shove him into my camera bag and sneak him home with me.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this picture,Natalie! And what a gorgeous little boy!

KK said...

how absolutely adorable is he?!!

great shot - love the shallow dof.

these are the types of shots i one day hope to be able to take!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, those shots are adorable!

You seem like a darn good photographer as well as a fun person. Good combo!

When you have a sec, would you check out my new website, Hawaii Photography.com.

We just put it up yesterday and are asking professionals like yourself to join. It's free and could be another excellent tool to share your work. I know it's new, but we're going to work really hard for the next 3 years promoting it everyday.

I'd love to see you on there. Let me know. Mahalo from Maui!